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Best Time to Visit for Weather

The climate in Tuscany is very nice and generally quite mild throughout the year. The coast and valleys tend to have hotter summers than the hills or mountains although the coast benefits from breezes off the sea.

Cortona is inland and close to Lake Trasimeno. It is at a higher elevation though, so it can get very warm in the summer and a little colder in the winter than if you were sea level.

The best months to visit, for guaranteed weather is May thru to the end of September. You will almost always have sunny days and very little rain.

Of course, the summer is a great time to visit Cortona, but the weather can get quite hot and Air Conditioning is still not the norm.

Our favorite months out of the year are April/May and September/October. The days are still warm and sunny, there is very little rain, the tourist crowds are smaller and there is more of a local vibe in town. In the fall, the olive oil is harvested, and the new wine is released. Of course, this is our favorite time!

Winter can be colder than you think. There usually isn’t snow, but the buildings are made of stone, so it can be difficult to get warm. However, it is not uncommon for us to eat outside in a Piazza during Christmas when the sun is shining. There are many sunny, mild days in the winter months.

Of course, anytime is a good time to visit Cortona. There are plenty of things to see and do, both inside and outside. So, pick your month, and get planning. We will see you soon!


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