• Samantha

The Undisputed World Champ

I believe that culture is a commodity. I hate to put in in such Capitalistic terms, but it's true. A "commodity" is something marketed to satisfy a need or want. When looking at the way some countries have marketed their culture in a way that makes outsiders swoon, Italy is the undisputed world champ.

There is a deeply profound beauty to this country, its people and culture


The mere thought of life in Tuscany immediately conjures up images of rolling vineyards with landscapes that start at your doorstep and end at the horizon. You begin to dream of sharing endless al fresco lazy dinners, eaten on outstretched wooden tables surrounded by laughter and boisterous Italians speaking a mix of words and hand gestures; and sipping a glass of Vin Santo among ancient ruins, while watching yellow sunsets shine gold over the cypress tress.

And then there is the wine. Oh, the wine, the cheese, the pasta, Andrea Bocelli, Ferrari and Sofia Loren. The tastes, images, and sounds of Italy are undeniably sensuous and absolutely bewitching and its attraction is electrifying and hard to resist.

Italy, is everything - absolutely everything - you imagine.

So why are you waiting? Come and explore for yourself

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